Are you losing leads to the gap between your Sales and Marketing teams? Are your customers experiencing the disconnect between your teams? joiningforces-ebook.png

Both Sales and Marketing are concerned with customer experience, but they often have a tense relationship. When leads fail to flow smoothly from Marketing to Sales, potential customers are lost.

Today's marketplace is highly competitive, so bridging your Sales and Marketing teams is essential. No one can afford to be losing leads because of lack of follow up or internal politics.

Smarketing is a Sales and Marketing methodology that can help improve teamwork between your Sales and Marketing teams. We've done the research and the result is a 30 page handbook to Smarketing.

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  • What Smarketing is
  • What Smarketing will do for your business - and for your customers
  • How to implement Smarketing, and make it work for you
  • How to get fresh insights by combining your Sales and Marketing data and reporting


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