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Inbound Marketing: Embrace or be Left Behind

Sales are down. Your director is on you and your marketing team to increase your marketing efforts, and yet he won’t increase your budget. In addition, your superiors are still skeptical about using inbound methods as a means to increase sales leads, much less automating it. 

With Inbound marketing generating 54% more leads than traditional outbound efforts and cost about 64% less, you know the numbers speak loudly.

This free guide - ‘Embrace Inbound or be left behind ‘aims to help you understand how Inbound Marketing works and how you can optimise your marketing investment.

Inbound Topics include:

  • How to attract visitors to your website to increase qualified leads and sales
  • How using an automated marketing system will give you better leverage for your time and marketing spend
  • The tools you will need to accurately see real ROI from your marketing spend
  • How just one seamless platform is all you need to integrate your blog posts, social channels, email marketing and CRM, like SalesForce and Sugar


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